Our Know-How for your creations

To meet the requirements of it's development, FLORAL CONCEPT has built a new production unit in Saint-Cézaire sur Siagne, near Grasse, in 2012. This building also shelters the analytical laboratory, the R&D department, the molecular distillation and the logistic service.

In 2019, Floral Concept built a new production unit on the same site that will enable it to consolidate all its production.

Floral Concept’s know-how is revealed not only in the traditional processes for perfumery – concretes, absolutes, resinoids, essential oils – but also in the new extraction techniques : CO2, molecular distillation, colourless and terpenless products, hearts, isolates.

Floral Concept also provides its expertise and consultancy skills in the development of tailored products, or even exclusive products.

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